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We empower business leaders like you to take control of your time, lighten your workload, and focus on what matters the most.


What will your day look like with EO Staff?

Imagine waking up to a workday where your team is spread across miles, yet the synergy feels as close-knit as a local office. This is the daily power of remote collaboration with EO Staff.

As the day kicks off, your team, meticulously selected from the talented pool in the Philippines, is already hard at work. They’re not just colleagues; they’re a group of dedicated individuals, each bringing their unique skills to the virtual table.

Working with remote staff goes beyond just completing tasks, it’s like letting go of stress and finding peace. Instead of worrying, you start trusting because you’re confident that your business is in capable hands.

At the end of the day, the satisfaction isn’t just from a job well done, but from a day well-lived. You haven’t traded hours for dollars, you’ve traded them for freedom, efficiency, and peace of mind.


Why Busy Entrepreneurs and Executives choose EO Staff?

It’s Convenient

It’s Convenient

We handle all of the hard stuff for you. From pre-screenings and assessments to preliminary interviews, we only bring you the most qualified of candidates.

It’s Cost-efficient

It’s Cost-efficient

On average, our clients save more than $30,000 annually utilizing our services. Just imagine that for your business!

It’s Customizable

It’s Customizable

No cookie cutter stuff here. All of our solutions are completely customized to meet your needs and specifications.

3-Minute Assessment: Is It Time to Elevate Your Business with an Executive Assistant?

The Overwhelmed CEO

I just don’t talk about a CEO’s life, I’ve lived through it.
As a founder and a CEO myself, I know the struggles of having no time to purely focus on one task. I always find myself drowning in operational tasks and wearing too many hats. As a result, key responsibilities like strategic planning, market research, and client relations suffer, so,  burnout looms.

You have to know that you can already be excellent at everything that you do, but what you don’t have is enough TIME. So maybe it’s time to DELEGATE and say goodbye to your tedious to do tasks list. Welcome peace of mind to your business and a healthier work-life balance with a remote staff.

– Chris Kille, CEO of EO Staff and Payment Pilot

The Overwhelmed CEO

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Carson Porter

CEO, Rev Agency Syndicate

Mike Claudio

Owner, WinRate Consulting

Sam Kaufman

CEO, On The Level Construction

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